UK Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements

UK Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements

To be eligible for a UK Spouse visa, you must show that where you’ll be staying when you’re in the UK meets the minimum requirements.

What is the UK spouse accommodation requirement?

To qualify for a Spouse Visa in UK (or a UK Partner visa or Civil Partner visa), one of the many criteria you must fulfil is the adequate accommodation requirement.

This means that wherever you stay in the UK, the accommodation comply with public health regulations, and not to be overcrowded.

UK Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements

Applicants must show that the property they will be living in will meet the following spouse visa accommodation requirements:

  • Be legally owned or occupied exclusively by you or your family
  • Be obtained without recourse to public funds
  • Not be overcrowded
  • Not breach public health and safety violations

What is a Property Inspection Report?

A property inspection report is an independent report required by the Home Office for entry clearance or settlement to establishing that after the arrival of the applicant the accommodation will not be overcrowded and is suitable for living under the UK Housing Act.

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Is property Overcrowded? How many people can occupy a room?

Under the housing law, there are two ways to calculate whether the home is overcrowded.

Our visa property inspection report meet all legal requirements

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How can EcoGreen Engineers Help?

The accommodation requirement for the Spouse visa is in place to ensure that you will have somewhere sufficiently safe and satisfactory to stay in while you’re in the UK. This will involve demonstrating that your accommodation meets a variety of different criteria, such as not being overcrowded, and being legally authorised for your occupancy.

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Property Inspection Report for UK Immigration:

The property inspection report will help applicant’s or sponsor’s to confirm proposed accommodation with the addition of further members will not be OVERCROWDED. The report also identify whether there are health and safety risks at the property. 

The property inspection report are carried out by either Environmental Health Officer or Housing Consultants who are qualified and ensures that the property meets the required standard.

It is essential that applicant or sponsor should submit a property inspection report for a successful immigration process. The report establishes whether the property will be overcrowded or not.

The report is valid for 3 months from the date it is issued.

Yes. We also can produce a Home Inspection Report within 24 hours depending on the location and additional cost.

No, the date of the certificate can not be back dated at any circumstances as it provides the current state of the property.

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